Single Items Service

Individual Garment Care

At Clarendon laundry we are pleased to offer professional care and attention for your individual garments. Whether it be an individual shirt, special item or a designer or high-end clothing, we will ensure that special care and attention is given to your item.

We will follow instructions on the garment care label to ensure the best possible cleaning. If you have any special instructions please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate. We also offer a steam only option if you simply require your garment to be refreshed.

Should your garment require dry cleaning we have a separate service available.


Your pockets and clothes are inspected (so nothing ends up in the wash that shouldn’t) before being placed in their own machine.

Premium Cleaning

Items will be washed using premium detergents. We will separate lights and darks for you. Please check that all items can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Specific Preferences

Please let us know should you have any special detergent requirements. Please separate any items that require a different service.


Once your laundry has been washed, items will be steam pressed, hand finished and returned either neatly hung on hangers or carefully folded and bagged in our reusable laundry bags.

Folded and Packed

Once your laundry has been washed and dried, items will be finished neatly folded & packed returned in our reusable laundry bags.

Outer Wear



Collection & delivery at your doorstep

Schedule dates and times to suit you

Design Wear



Collection & delivery at your doorstep

Schedule dates and times to suit you

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Launder with us for a Rewarding Experience

Quality Workmanship

To achieve quality workmanship, we use award winning detergents and effective machinery. Our experienced laundry team will give each item that attention to detail to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


Clarendon Laundry has established itself through the relationship we have with our customers. We provide an all-round service to accommodate the needs of our customers. Those who have experienced our services, remain our customers.

Service to
your door

If Laundry is a chore, time is a challenge or you are unable to leave your home this friendly, efficient, convenient service, is one to take advantage of if you have any special laundry requirements we are here to help.

Easy Communication

We have made it as easy as possible for our customers to reach us and place their orders or enquire, by email, phone and we even made our app for our customers convenience.

Customer Testimonials

  • Yes, great. Enjoyed friendly service. Great value for money. Especially collection and delivery.

    Anthony Fox Avatar
    Anthony Fox
    03 Feb 2023

    Brilliant service communication extraordinary their driver kept me updated with my delivery timing highly recommended.

    niki kiss Avatar
    niki kiss
    28 Jul 2021

    Fantastic servicePhoned me to check instructionsAll washed & dried & ready in less than 24 hoursFriendly helpful service

    Wendy Lines Avatar
    Wendy Lines
    05 Feb 2021
  • An amazing laundrette. Very handy due to to the current situation. Highly recommend.

    The washateria wanderer Zayne Avatar
    The washateria wanderer Zayne
    05 Aug 2020

    New fashioned, very kind, just 30 m. Laundry for 3, 11 m. Dry for 1

    Youngju Byun Avatar
    Youngju Byun
    05 Jul 2020

    Brilliant dry cleaners. The best in Leicester. The staff are amazing!

    Mr Pir Avatar
    Mr Pir
    05 Jul 2020
  • New fashioned, very kind, just 30 m. Laundry for 3, 11 m. Dry for 1

    YJ Byun Avatar
    YJ Byun
    26 Dec 2019

    Amazing service, really high standard of work with friendly, qualified staff. Would certainly recommend

    Greg Fraser Avatar
    Greg Fraser
    05 Jul 2019

    Regular customer - Excellent service at an affordable price.Makes nice coffee as well!

    Andy Griffin Avatar
    Andy Griffin
    05 Jul 2019
  • Great repairs and alterations service. All work done to excellent standard. Definitely recommend.

    alex fraser Avatar
    alex fraser
    05 Jul 2018

    Excellent service. Laundry service wash, and zip change on my jacket.

    Steve Danger Avatar
    Steve Danger
    05 Jul 2018

    Fantastic service at the laundrette. Very helpful with our duvet. Very polite, professional and attentive! 5/5

    Nick Denton VA (Nick Denton VA) Avatar
    Nick Denton VA (Nick Denton VA)
    05 Jul 2018
  • Really smart well looked after place.Does service washes also.

    Darran G Avatar
    Darran G
    05 Jul 2018

    Very helpful staff and the owner too. They really do look after you!

    J T Avatar
    J T
    05 Jul 2018

    Friendly and helpful staff, open good hours. Prices are not too bad

    Jordan White Avatar
    Jordan White
    05 Jul 2018
  • Nursed a dire looking suit back to full health, very helpful and friendly staff.

    Kyle Ackroyd Avatar
    Kyle Ackroyd
    05 Jul 2017

    Opens Early and closes late - ideal for anyone leading a busy life

    Tite-Live Avatar
    05 Jul 2017

    Super helpful owner. I was stuck and he was very helpful.

    Grace Hoey Avatar
    Grace Hoey
    05 Jul 2017

Single Items Service

We strive in providing a fast and reliable service, seven days a week to your door.